Projects For Option

Projects available for option:

Pluto Bay

The Pluto Bay Property consists of 4 claims covering 13,026 ha, located approximately 14 km north of the Athabasca Basin, just east of the Snowbird Tectonic Zone. Minimal modern exploration has been undertaken on the property, which is prospective for basement-hosted unconformity-related uranium mineralization.

Foster River

The drill-ready Foster property consists of 15 claims totaling 6,362 hectares approximately 20 km east of Cameco's Key Lake operation and adjoining the southwestern end of Skyharbour's Falcon Project, currently optioned out to North Shore Energy Metals Ltd.

South Dufferin

The property comprises 10 claims totaling 13,205 hectares and lies 13 km south of the Athabasca Basin margin, 32 km south of Cameco’s Centennial deposit and 15 km south of their Dufferin Lake Zone.

Highway Project

The Highway Project consists of 1 claim covering ~1184 ha, approximately 41 km south of the Rabbit Lake Mine and 11 km SW of Uranium Energy Corp.’s (UEC, formerly UEX) West Bear U and Co-Ni Deposits.

South Bay

Skyharbour Resources holds a 100% interest in the 84 ha South Bay Project consisting of 6 claims around the past-producing Selco South Bay copper-zinc-silver mine.


The Karin Project consists of 7 claims covering 25,165 ha approximately 20 km south-southeast of Cameco's Key Lake operation.

914, 914N, and Elevator

The 914, 914N, and Elevator projects consist of 4 non-contiguous claims totalling 11,873 ha and are located 31 to 52 km south of the Athabasca Basin margin and 35 to 55 km south of Cameco’s Key Lake Operation (209.8 million pounds U3O8 produced at an average grade of 2.32%).


The 914W project consists of 1 claim covering 1,260 ha approximately 48 km southwest of Cameco’s Key Lake Operation. Highway 914 runs through the western edge of the project, providing excellent access for exploration.

CBX and Shoe

The CBX and Shoe projects consist of 8 non-contiguous claims totalling 9,386 ha and lies approximately 6.5 km to 25 km north to northeast of the Eagle Point uranium mine and cover the northern shore of Wollaston Lake including parts of Cunning Bay.

Bolt Project

The Bolt Project consists of 2 contiguous claims 100% owned by Skyharbour Resources Ltd. totalling 4726.35 hectares and is located approximately 7 km west of the Highway 914 and about 32 km southwest of Cameco's Key Lake Operation.

Usam Island

The Usam Project consists of 12 claims totalling 44,041 ha

Riou River

Riou River consists of 8,620 ha over 6 claims in the north-central portion of the Athabasca Basin and is underlain by Athabasca Supergroup sandstone and conglomerate.

Bend Project

The Bend Project consists of 2 mineral claims covering 9,114 hectares.

Compulsion Project

The Compulsion Project consists of 2 mineral claims covering 10,451 hectares.

Genie Project

The Genie Project consists of 5 mineral claims covering 16,930 hectares.

Hartle Project

The Hartle Project consists of 10 mineral claims covering 52,518 hectares.

Regambal Project

The Regambal Project consists of 5 mineral claims covering 24,208 hectares.

Brassy Project

The Brassy Project consists of 2 mineral claims covering 9,896 hectares.

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