Phase 1 Drilling Completed on Black Bear And Sidace Lake Properties

April 13, 2004

Skyharbour Resources Ltd. (50%) and Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc. (50%) have now completed phase 1 of a diamond-drilling program on their Sidace Lake and Black Bear properties. The two properties contain +6000 acres and to date only a small portion of the land package has been explored in the phase 1 winter 2004 drill program. The Skyharbour / Abaddon Black Bear property is located to the northeast of the Wolfden/Rubicon East Bay West property and to the southwest of the Planet / Goldcorp Sidace Lake project and the Skyharbour / Abaddon Sidace Lake property is located on strike to the northeast of the Planet / Goldcorp Sidace Lake project. A phase 2-work program is now being considered for the summer of 2004 on these properties.

Sidace Lake Property

A total of 751.7 meters (2465.6 feet) of drilling was completed in 4 diamond drill holes. On the northern claim block, a breccia zone in granite was identified with no significant gold values. In the southern part of the property, the extension of a mafic volcanic belt was identified. The rocks are of amphibolite metamorphic grade with shearing indicated by development of sericite. Several narrow zones of sulfide mineralization and quartz veining were noted. Assays are pending. The identification of the mafic volcanic suite is significant as it is believed to be the strike extension of the sequence hosting gold mineralization on the adjoining Planet / Goldcorp property. Additional detailed mapping is now required to determine the extent of the mafic volcanic suite encountered in the first phase of diamond drilling, and will aid in the identification of location and attitude of the volcanic structures in the area. Skyharbour / Consolidated Abaddon intend to initiate the phase 2 work program early in the summer of 2004.

Black Bear Property

A total of 694.9 meters (2279.3 feet) of drilling was completed in 3 diamond drill holes. A belt of pillowed mafic volcanics with pyritic interflow sediments several hundred meters wide was located in the eastern part of the property in an area previously mapped as granite. These rocks appear to be the northeastern extension of the 'East Bay Deformation Zone'. No significant gold values were encountered in the volcanics in the first 2 holes. Sulfides and veining encountered in granitic rocks flanking the volcanics also contained no significant gold values. This greenstone belt encountered in the phase 1 drilling had not previously been identified. Assay results are awaited on the third hole drilled on the Black Bear property.

Additional work on the properties will be directed at extending the known prospective lithogies and identifying structures that may host gold mineralization. The companies will pursue their exploration and potential expansion of the newly discovered mafic volcanic zones on both the Sidace Lake project and the Black Bear project.

The major intersections of the volcanics encountered in 4 of the drill holes is considered to be very significant in that these areas have very limited outcrop exposure due to end moraine deposition and therefore had always been generally mapped as granitic in nature. Little to no work has ever been done on these claims in the past. The newfound volcanic greenstone belts by Skyharbour / Abaddon drilling will enable the two companies to plan for a 2004 detailed summer work program.

Skyharbour Resources Ltd. and Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc. are both precious metal exploration companies actively involved with the development of land holdings in the RED LAKE MINING DISTRICT of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

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