Snow, Shoe, and CBX

The Snow, Shoe, and CBX properties consist of three non-contiguous claims totalling 2,582 ha located approximately 10 to 25 km along strike to the northeast of the currently idled Eagle Point uranium mine (Cameco’s Rabbit Lake Operation). The claims are located at the northern end of Wollaston Lake and underlain by Wollaston Supergroup pelitic, psammopelitic, and psammitic gneisses, Hudsonian intrusives, and Archean felsic gneisses of the Western Wollaston Domain. Similar lithologies host uranium mineralization at the Rabbit Lake operation, including the Eagle Point deposit, and other uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin and surrounding regions.

Previous work on the properties is generally historical in nature, and consists of airborne EM, magnetics, and radiometrics surveys, marine seismic, prospecting, geological mapping, and geochemical sampling done mostly between 1968 and 1981, with some additional work in 1993. The only modern exploration on the properties themselves consists of a Heli-TDEM and magnetic survey flown in 2007, although drilling and other modern exploration have been done on adjacent properties. Several historical conductors were identified by a 1978 Mk VI INPUT EM survey (AF 64L-0011) that either lie on the properties or are along trend of the properties. No diamond drilling or modern ground geophysical surveying have taken place on the projects. All three properties are prospective for unconformity-related, basement-hosted uranium mineralization as well as pegmatite- and granite-hosted uranium and REEs. The CBX property is also prospective for molybdenite, as sedimentary-hosted molybdenite and pyrite were identified in fractures in a quartzite outcrop on the property (SMDI 4890).

Snow, Shoe, and CBX Projects Map:

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